Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Aim of the Course

Mechanical engineering is the basics discipline of engineering,which involves the design,production and operation of machinery .The development through it can be traced several thousand year around the world and it still continuous to in corporate advancement in technology so,at NIT(Poly) keeping into consideration the global competitiveness we have designed Our labs as per the requirement of industry as well as for research purposes.


Recent Projects


Our Vision

To be a center of excellence in Diploma Mechanical Engineering education for the benefit of society & humanity through high value based education.

Our Mission

To inspire our students to become responsible citizen and competent professional with high ethical values.

To create young dynamic leaders and entrepreneurs for building our nation as a superpower with empowering rural community for equity and amity.

To develop products processes and technology for benefit of the society in collaboration with industry and commerce.

HOD'S Message

Mr. Vidyesh Laxman Sakpal

Head Of Mechanical Department

The disciple is evolving rapidly, so to keep up with the competitiveness and challenges, the college invest in renewal and transformation to acquire excellence in engineering education and research.

We are firmly committed to strenglhing the best possible, relevant and robust education to our students.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Vidyesh Laxman Sakpal

Qualifications: Production Engineering

Experience: 11 yrs

Mob. No: 9890520101

Email Id: hodmech.nit1515@gmail.com

Prof. Sonawane Amruta Hanumant

Qualifications: BE Mechanical

Experience: 1 yrs

Mob. No: 9673501806

Email Id: amrutasonawane22@gmail.com

Prof. Sagar Uttamrao Shinde

Qualifications: BE Mechanical

Experience: 4 yrs

Mob. No: 7507800955

Email Id: sagarshinde.mech@gmail.com

Mr. Jagtap Vikram Ankush

Qualifications: B.E. Mechanical

Experience: 4 yrs

Mob. No: 9561271131

Email Id: jagtapvikram4@gmail.com

Mr. Amit Anandrao Karanje

Qualifications: MBA (Operation Research.), BE mech

Experience: 2 yrs

Mob. No: 7249067990

Email Id: amit.mech007@gmail.com

Mr. Kharote Akash Pravin

Qualifications: M.Tech Mechatronics

Experience: 2 yrs

Mob. No: 7264971403

Email Id: akashkharotenit1515@gmail.com

Mr. Shinde Dattatraya Ashok

Qualifications: M.E Design

Experience: 3 yrs

Mob. No: 8806524873

Email Id: datta101092@gmail.com

Mr. Sutar Ajay Vasantrao

Qualifications:M.E Design

Experience: 3 yrs

Mob. No: 9049130285

Email Id: ajaysutar2@gmail.com

Mr. Rajesh R Kamble

Qualifications: Mechanical Engineer

Experience: 2 yrs

Mob. No: 9975781843

Email Id: rk9975781843@gmail.com

List of Lab
SR.No Labs Lab Incharge
1 Automobile Lab Prof. Kharote A. P
2 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Prof. Sonawane A.H
3 Metrological and Quality Control Prof. Shinde D.A
4 Industrial Fluid Power Prof. Sonawane A.H
5 Thermal Engineering Prof. Sutar A.V
6 TOM lab Prof. Sutar A.V
7 CAD Lab Prof. Shinde D.A