Electrical Engineering

Aim of the Course

The department was initiated in 2009 with an intake of 60 students who were trained with competent and committed faculty who continue till today to impart the knowledge in our students through enhancing their academic and theoretical skills. The key strength of department are systematic process approach, qualified staff, well established staff and liberal work environment.

Department goals are to provide balanced intellectual and practical experience which enables our student to be competitive with our student so that they stand out to be the best.

The department has electrical engineering, electrical machines, electrical night, microprocessor and microcontroller, material science.

HOD'S Message

Prof. Sachin V. Tayade

Head Of Electrical Department

I take the privilege to welcome you all to the Department of Electrical Engineering at NESGI College, Pune. The department seeks to combine excellence in education and research with service to the industry. Our department has been progressing towards excellence in the field of teaching and research. With a team of dedicated, experienced and qualified faculty members, the department has been growing to be one of the sought after branches. The faculty members in the department have diverse interests in the field of Electrical Engineering. In these times of enormous competition, the only way ahead is networking of all kinds of resources- people, ideas, knowledge and expertise. Electrical department aims to produce graduates to meet the needs of core and I.T.industries.We Strive Relentlessly, To Constantly Improve Ourselves, Our Staff, Our Educational Services and Quality of Students So As To Become the Best.

Faculty Profile

Prof. Sachin V. Tayade (HOD)

Qualifications: M.Tech Electrical Power System

Experience: 8 yrs

Mob. No: +919096599183

Email Id: sachvtayde2684@gmail.com

Prof. Anand .V. Shivashimpi

Qualifications: M.Tech (Industrial Automation And Robotics)

Experience: 3.5 yrs

Mob. No: +919731165143

Email Id: shimpi005@gmail.com

Prof. Swapnali Zagade

Qualifications:  M.E.E&TC( VLSI & Embeded System )

Experience: 5 yrs

Mob. No: +7264819920

Email Id: swapnali.rzagade@gmail.com

Prof. Suman Bala

Qualifications: M.tech (Electrical power system and drive)

Experience: 2 yrs

Mob. No: +919096755271

Email Id: yadav.suman1501@gmail.com

Prof. S.P. Kuchekar

Qualifications: M.E. Electrical (Power Systems)

Experience: 3 yrs

Mob. No: +917387309038

Email Id: s.kuchekar@gmail.com

Prof. Sandeep H. Kalbhandhe

Qualifications: M.E. (Electrical power system)

Experience: 4 yrs

Mob. No: +919960472866

Email Id: shkalbandhe@gmail.com

Prof. Akshay S. Kale

Qualifications: M-Tech Electrical Machine And Drives

Experience: 5.5 yrs

Mob. No: 9921659594

Email Id: er.akshaykale@gmail.com

Prof. Bhupesh S. Shukla

Qualifications: MBA HR M.E. Instrumentation

Experience: 18 yrs

Mob. No: 9028783540

Email Id: shukla.bhupesh1@gmail.com

Prof. Swapnil D. Babar

Qualifications: M.E. Power System

Experience: 2.5 yrs

Mob. No: 9970756567

Email Id: erswap.babar1@gmail.com

Prof. Kimaya V. Samarth

Qualifications: M-Tech Electrical Machine And Drives

Experience: - yrs

Mob. No: 7218303398

Email Id: kimayasamarth999@gmail.com

Electrical Engineering Department Events