Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Aim of the Course

The electronic and telecommunication engineering involves the transmission of information across various different channels. It is a swiftly advancing field with new ideas emerging every other second ,so our mission is to impart quality education to our students with high qualified and competent faculty.

The fundamental principle of the department is to equip our students with basic knowledge and skills required for the entry level employment in the particular area.


Recent Projects


Our Vision

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering envisions the upliftment of students especially living in rural areas, through an effective teaching learning process and quality research, to make them competent globally with sound technical, interpersonal, analytical, managerial skills and professional ethics.

Our Mission

Offering well-balanced curriculum to acquire professional competencies. Developing state of-the-art infrastructure and research for effective teaching learning process and quality research.. Strengthening of soft skills, especially of rural students, through co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. Creating awareness & thirst for life-long learning through interaction with outside world regarding contemporary issues, technological trends and entrepreneurship

HOD'S Message

Prof. Saxena Aparna

Head Of E & TC Department

The field of engineering is evolving rapidly and offers myriad of challenges across interdisciplinary domains. To keep up with the fast-changing nature of engineering, the college invests in renewal and transformation so as to leverage on our culture and tradition of excellence in engineering education and research.

We review and refocus our efforts in order to continually bring the best possible, relevant and robust education to our students. Today there is widespread knowledge everywhere with newer technologies, skills and avenues emerging. The horizons of professional activities are expanding and hence today there is much more scope for the younger generations to uncap their talents and touch greater heights of achievement. I welcome you all to this unique family and look towards helping you develop as engineer, creating a better future.

Faculty Profile

Ms. Saxena Aparna Anand (HOD)

Qualifications: M.E. (VLSI & Embedded System)

Experience: 10 yrs

Mob. No: 9673613805

Email Id: saxena.aparn@rediffmail.com

Ms. Itnare Minal N.

Qualifications: M.E. Digital System

Experience: 7.9 yrs

Mob. No: 9021995441

Email Id: minal.itnare@gmail.com

Prof. Jadhav D.S.

Qualifications: M.E. (VLSI & Embedded System)

Experience: 5 yrs

Mob. No: 9890611016

Email Id: dsj2789@gmail.com

Ms. Payal B. Nimbhorkar

Qualifications: M.E. (VLSI & Embedded System)

Experience: 1 yrs

Mob. No: 8149938886

Email Id: payalnimbhorkar06@gmail.com

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