Diploma in Civil Engineering

Aim of the Course

Civil engineering is a professional and oldest discipline that deals with the design, construction and physical maintenance of all kind of machines. At NIT(Poly) our objective is to the students technically and intellectually with the best computer aided modelling simulation and to impact current and cutting edge technology.


Recent Projects


Our Vision

“People are our priority and the world is our laboratory”

Creativity,innovation & desire to challenge the society.Orienting student in academic experiences.To make students, faculty and alumni recognized for its diversity and known for excellence in teaching and research.

Our Mission

The mission of Civil Department is to provide quality education to prepare nationally competitive undergraduate students for a successful career in civil,to provide advance skills and knowledge in the state of art research and design in sub-areas of Civil Engineering.

HOD'S Message

Ms. Agarwal S.S

Head Of Civil Department

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of all engineering which has kept its pace with the rapid growth in the field of technology. Civil engineers are born to mankind, they were born with providing urbanization such as building, transportation roadways, highway it’s a countless list.

The department offers BE course in the field of Civil engineering with annual intake of 60 students. We seek expertise from various departments such as structure, soil department and foundation, hydraulics and environment engineering. Faculty is highly-qualified and experience with minimum master degree.

Faculty Profile

Ms. Agarwal S.S

Qualifications:ME Hydraulics

Experience:3 +1 years

Mob. No: 8600531235

Email Id: shrutiagarwal1208@gmail.com

Mr. Patil Prataprao Tukaram

Qualifications: ME Enviornment

Experience: 5 years

Mob. No: 9834175892

Email Id: ptilprataprao85@gmail.com

Mr. Atish Deelip Londhe

Qualifications: M.E. (Hydraulics)

Experience: 10 months

Mob. No: 9970185453

Email Id: atish.d.londhe03@gmail.com

Mr.Ajay Desai

Qualifications: M.E. (Hydraulics)

Experience: 4 yrs

Mob. No: 9765445002

Email Id: ajay9765445002@gmail.com

Mr.Ankush Anil Kohale

Qualifications:ME Hydraulics

Experience: 9 months

Mob. No: 9096000439

Email Id: ankushkohale@gmail.com

Ms. Anjali Hanmant Jamdade

Qualifications:BE Civil Engineering

Experience: 3 years

Mob. No: 9975265402

Email Id: Anjali.jamdade79@gmail.com

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