Campus Placement 2016-17

Placement Statistics

Batch Placement
2015 - 2016 93
2016- 2017 116
Total 209
Placement Site No. of Companies
On Campus 53
Off Campus 79
Department Placement
Civil 12
Mechanical 149
Electrical 11
E&TC 21
Computer 16
Total 209
Details Number
Academically Eligible Students 160
Students Placed 209
Total Companies 132
Highest Package 4.2 LPA
**Number of Students got opportunity to appear for the Campus Interviews = 1345
(Many of them got multiple opportunities)

Non Zero Campus Placement

Branch wise Placement

Branch Placement
Civil 12
Mechanical 149
Electrical 11
E&TC 21
Computer 16
Total 209

On/Off Campus Placements

Placement Site No. of Companies
On Campus 53
Off Campus 79

Campus Placement

Company Selection
Altimate Solutions 2
Minilec 6
Desai Electronics 7
Kushal Landmarks 3
Sujay Fire LLP 2
Minilec 1
Aesseal 3
Thakur Shroff & Electrical 3
KTR Couplings 1
Amazon 2
Q H Talbros 1
Volkswagen 1
Shree Refrigeration 7
Cikautxo 17
VTech 4
Initiative 8
Company Selection
Vivekananda infotech 1
M Tech Innovations 4
Q H Talbros 8
M M Elevators 2
MTech 1
Mograsys Technologies 7
Ultra Engineers 9
Hysoft Technologies 16
Q H Talbros 12
Mtech Innovations 11
Divgi Metalwares 16
Gurudatta Engineering 2
Piaggio 18
Sagar Industries 19
Roadways Solutions 9
CDAK Machining 3
Total 209

Mechanical Department Placement

Electrical Department Placement

Computer Department Placement

E & TC Department Placement

Civil Department Placement

List of Campus Placed Students

Name Company Name Company Name Company
Ketan Kardile Altimate Solutions Ganesh Bandal Cikautxo Phtekaranramdas M Tech Innovations
Santosh Singh Altimate Solutions Patil Digvijay VTech Bhoj suraj M Tech Innovations
Chavan Arati Minilec Pawar Shashikant VTech Yadav Vikas M Tech Innovations
Bhosale Rohit Minilec Patil Amol VTech Nandarge Sudarshan M Tech Innovations
Karnti Chopade Minilec Patil Pravin VTech Nagtilak Mahesh M Tech Innovations
Nikhil Gaikar Minilec Sagar Taware Vivekananda Infotech Vadkar Pankaj M Tech Innovations
Jadhav Nikita Minilec Abhijit salkhe M Tech Innovations Kadam Kishor M Tech Innovations
Karnti Chopade Minilec Suraj shinde M Tech Innovations Nikat Prashant M Tech Innovations
Kumar Rajapure Desai Electronics Tejas Bankar M Tech Innovations Singh Sumeet M Tech Innovations
Nikhil Pilane Desai Electronics Akshay Yadav M Tech Innovations Shivprasad Etam M Tech Innovations
Pankaj chaturbhuj Desai Electronics Akshay Bhanwase Q H Talbros Sachin Ugalmugale Divgi Metalwares
Satish patil Kushal Landmarks Dhananjay Keskar Q H Talbros Pawar Jitendra Divgi Metalwares
Mahesh Jyotik Sujay Fire LLP Nikhil Jadhav Q H Talbros Shete Shubham Divgi Metalwares
P Pramodkumar Sujay Fire LLP Nandu Sabale Q H Talbros Yadav Akshay Divgi Metalwares
Mahesh Jyotik Aesseal Rahul Barge Q H Talbros Khude Vishal Divgi Metalwares
Nikhil Nakhwa IBM Dipak Pawar Q H Talbros Prakash Nagargoze Divgi Metalwares
Manish Patil IBM Sachin Shinde Q H Talbros Prashant Talode Divgi Metalwares
Pramod patil IBM Bhushan Kalhane M M Elevators Akshay Kadam Divgi Metalwares
Vishal Bhonagale Thakur Shroff & Electrical Vishal Karanje M M Elevators Mane Vishwajit Divgi Metalwares
Amol Gaikwad Thakur Shroff & Electrical Poonam Yadav MTech Ganesh Nale Divgi Metalwares
Ravi Kharate Thakur Shroff & Electrical Saurav Gaikwad MTech Tukaram Kore Divgi Metalwares
Atkari Roshan KTR Couplings Parihar Avinash Mograsys Technologies Khopade Rohit Divgi Metalwares
Nikhil Nakhawa Amazon Singh Santosh Mograsys Technologies Vishal Bhosale Divgi Metalwares
Prathamesh Shilimkar Amazon Khutwad Priyanka Mograsys Technologies Nitin Shinde Divgi Metalwares
Shashikant Pawar Q H Talbros Mokashi Jahin Mograsys Technologies Prasad Suke Gurudatta Engineering
Prashant Waghmode Volkswagen Pisal Amruta Mograsys Technologies Pradip Garudkar Gurudatta Engineering
Ganesh Hiwane Shree Refrigeration Prasad Mane Ultra Engineers Digambar Waghmare Sagar Industries
Pallav Pawar Shree Refrigeration Petkar Pratik Ultra Engineers Ganesh Thopate Sagar Industries
Nikhil Kale Shree Refrigeration Kuwar Harshal Hysoft Technologies Mithun Gaikwad Sagar Industries
Shashikant Pawar Shree Refrigeration Waghmare Siddhant Hysoft Technologies Chinmay Kulkarni Sagar Industries
Sudarshan Bhagat Shree Refrigeration Kesarwani Ravishankar Hysoft Technologies Karande Sushant Sagar Industries
Sagar Khutwad Shree Refrigeration Nambiar Abhinav Hysoft  Technologies Mane Prasad Sagar Industries
Akshay Bathe Shree Refrigeration Nambiar Sreejith Hysoft  Technologies Kore Tukaram Sagar Industries
Kumbhar Rushikesh Cikautxo Nale Suraj Hysoft  Technologies Prashant Jadhav Sagar Industries
Sandip Shinde Cikautxo Jagdale Jayprakash Hysoft  Technologies Jayprakash Jagdale Sagar Industries
Shubham Choudhari Cikautxo Saurabh Krishnat Hysoft  Technologies Saurabh   Gurav Sagar Industries
Kuldiak sangale Cikautxo More Mayur Hysoft  Technologies Vishal  Khude Sagar Industries
Harshwardhan Gole Cikautxo Sawant Devidas Hysoft  Technologies Nikam Nilam Roadways Solutions
Nikhil Pilane Cikautxo Ugalmugale Sachin Hysoft  Technologies Ghare Jeevan Roadways Solutions
Rushikesh Badak Cikautxo Veer Pradnya Hysoft  Technologies Kamble Amol Roadways Solutions
Jivan Wadkar Cikautxo Pawar Vaishnawi Hysoft  Technologies Mulla Jafar Roadways Solutions
Aniket Kadam Cikautxo Kulkarni Rucha Hysoft  Technologies Koli Janak Roadways Solutions
Sagar Jedhe Cikautxo More Sonali Hysoft  Technologies Goley Rahul Roadways Solutions
Nilesh Lankhe Cikautxo Deshmane Ashwini Hysoft  Technologies Bichkule  Aniket Roadways Solutions
Vishal Mhetre Cikautxo Sumit Pangare Q H Talbros Dhaigude Nikhil Roadways Solutions
Suraj Shinde Cikautxo  Rushikesh Mayane Q H Talbros Mali Sumeet Roadways Solutions
Tushar Salunke Cikautxo Bunage Akshay Q H Talbros Khabare Saurabh Roadways Solutions
Shubham Khaire Cikautxo Junnarkar Vijay Q H Talbros Akshay Atkale Roadways Solutions
Hemant Dagade Cikautxo Lohar Sumit Q H Talbros Saurabh Gadekar Roadways Solutions
Bhoir Atul Q H Talbros Bhagat Vishal Q H Talbros Zagade Akshay M Tech Innovations

Campus Placement Photos