Applied Science

HOD'S Message

Dr. Jyoti A. Jagtap

Head Of Sciences & humanities

The Department of Basic Sciences & humanities was established in the year 2010 right from the day of initiation of the college. The main objective of the department is to develop strong knowledge about engineering science which is valuable in advance studies of any program of engineering. The department includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Professional communication. Physics makes significant contributions through advances in new technologies that arise from theoretical breakthroughs. Physics intersects with many interdisciplinary areas of Engineering. Working at the interface of molecular sciences and applied engineering, chemistry helps to bring research and innovations from laboratories to the industry and society. Almost every aspect of our daily life is now dependent on products and services of the chemistry. Mathematics has both an inherent logic and beauty while also providing the structure and models from which engineers build an understanding of our world and construct the tools to improve our lives. An Engineers soft skill is an important part of their individual contribution to the success. Soft skills are increasingly sought out by engineers in addition to standard qualifications.

The Department plays an important role for the good result and creating interest in respective branch of FE student. The department has well equipped labs, classrooms, and all other required facilities. All the faculty of the department is dedicated and passionate for the good result and development of FE students.

Faculty Profile

Prof. J.A. Jagtap (HOD)

Qualifications: MSc, PhD (Spectroscopy)

Experience: 15 yrs

Mob. No: 9860081321

Email Id:

Prof. S.S. Raut

Qualifications: M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Experience: 7 yrs

Mob. No: 7558430119

Email Id:

Prof. Neelam G. Bhosale

Qualifications: M.Sc. (Mathematics)

Experience: 5 yrs

Mob. No: 7972666864

Email Id:

Prof. Ashok D Ghuge

Qualifications: M.A. (English), M.Phil.

Experience: 8 yrs

Mob. No: 9923010685

Email Id:

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