About President


President, NESGI , Pune.

Changing the panorama of a rural and barren hill in Naigaon (Nasrapur) near Pune, where there was not even way to go up, and come down. The founder president of Navsahyadri Education Society's Group of Institutions, Mr.P.N.Suke carved path of technical educational hub.

It is bustling with thousands of young and enthusiastic students coming from various villages and cities in the vicinity of Institutes. Now -a-days hundreds of vehicles going up and down the hill on a neat road specially designed for this purpose and still maintaining serene and eco-friendly atmosphere, and all this change took place in less than two years. It seems as something imaginary, but it is true. The miracle happened only because of Mr.P.N.Suke.

He is a man of great vision, who is totally committed to the development of technical education and the cause of raising the qualities of life of the Indian masses for the betterment of tomorrow. Navsahyadri Education Society's Group of Institutions is long cherished dream of Mr.P.N.Suke, which came into reality with beginning of six institutes including Polytechnic, Engineering,MBA,MCA and gurukul.

Mr.P.N.Suke is a compassionate for students and their career. He has a deep sense of purpose, be it in the field of Education, spirituality and Social Welfare or any pioneering work, which he feels would bring relief to the downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

One special personality trait of Mr.P.N.Suke is absence of egoism and self-importance. Therefore, he is always easily accessible, modest, and open to new ideas and he makes a profound impact on any individual, group or mass of people who happen to meet him.

Hon. Mr.P.N.Suke is visionary leader and leading industrialist in this era. He encourages youth of India with determination, commitment and principle of providing quality education for all.