Mechanical Engineering

Aim of the Course

The department aims at preparing and grooming the student for research and professional practices to make them competitive in the era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology the program is a combination of in depth experience and competitiveness of the individual choosing the major specialty which is background of basic and engineering science.


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HOD'S Message

Prof. P.S. Bhokare

Head Of Mechanical Department

Ever science the establishment of this institution our primary goal has been to impart and train our future leaders with best of education.

Our objective is to disseminate knowledge through various forms such as class room training, industrial visit and organise a attractive curriculum for the all ground development of our students.

Mechanical engineering is the basic branch of all engineering that why it is known as MOTHER OF ENGINEERING as it add-ons state of art technically and exhilarates solution.

Here at NAVSAYADRI education society we attempt to provide cheerful, productive and satisfying experience at all level to explore the amazing world mechanical engineering.

With best wishes for a bright future.

Faculty Profile

Prof. P.S. Bhokare

Qualifications: M.E. Design Ph.D.(Persuing)

Experience: 9 yrs

Mob. No: 9765636510

Email Id: pankaj.bhokare@radiffmail.com

Prof. S.V. Tawade

Qualifications: M.E. (Design), Ph.D.(Persuing)

Experience: 12.5 yrs

Mob. No: 9637235045

Email Id: svtawde60@gmail.com

Prof. S.B. Todkar

Qualifications: M.E. (Design)

Experience: 15 yrs

Mob. No: 9764910744

Email Id: nesgi.sbtodkar@gmail.com

Prof. K.V. Shinde

Qualifications: M.E. CAD/CAM

Experience: 17 yrs

Mob. No: 8551859043

Email Id: shinde_kv@yahoo.com

Prof. S. A. Chaudhari

Qualifications: M.E. (Design)

Experience: 18 yrs

Mob. No: 7972470334

Email Id: chaudhari.snehal73@gmail.com

Prof. J. P. Hugar

Qualifications: M.E. (Design)

Experience: 13 yrs

Mob. No: 9096365318

Email Id: hugar19888@gmail.com

Prof. Z. K. Shaikh

Qualifications: M.Tech (Design)

Experience: 3 yrs

Mob. No: 9890143833

Email Id: zeeshanshaikh244@gmail.com

C.D. Deshmukh

Qualifications: M.Tech (Thermal)

Experience: 2.6 yrs

Mob. No: 9766546001

Email Id: chaitanya.dmukh@gmail.com

Prof. H.N. Kale

Qualifications: M.E. (Design)

Experience: 5 yrs

Mob. No: 9890569177

Email Id: hanumantkale10@gmail.com

Prof. Santosh K. Suman

Qualifications: M.E. (Design)

Experience: 10.2 yrs

Mob. No: 8055275645

Email Id: sumansantoshk@gmail.com

Prof. B.A .Ghatol

Qualifications: M. Tech (Thermal)

Experience: 1.3 yrs

Mob. No: 7020893873

Email Id: ghatolbhushan@gmail.com

Prof. S. A. Dahake

Qualifications: M. Tech (Thermal)

Experience: 0.4 yrs

Mob. No: 9890212651

Email Id: swap0809@gmail.com

Prof D.G.Walhekar

Qualifications: M. E. Design Ph.D.(Persuing)

Experience: 0.3 yrs

Mob. No: 8975911510

Email Id: dhirajwalhekar@gmail.com


Qualifications: M. E.

Experience:5 yrs

Mob. No: -

Email Id: -/a>

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